About Dr Jennifer Flatt

Dr Jennifer Flatt, clinical psychologist

BA(Hons), MPsychol(Hons), PhD, MAPS

National Registration Number PSY0001135860

All clinical psychologists have six years full-time university training, made up of a four-year undergraduate degree in psychology, followed by two years specialised training in clinical psychology.

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Dr Jennifer Flatt has had more than 20 years’ clinical experience.

Dr Jennifer Flatt has had more than 20 years’ clinical experience following this training and, concurrent with clinical work, completed her doctorate in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Sydney, where she taught psychology to medical students for eight years.

Dr Flatt has expertise in general psychological areas such as anxiety, stress, depression, and sleep disorders. Her areas of special interest include adjustment to life changes (eg moving to a new city, retirement, menopause) and psychological rehabilitation following visible physical injury.

Talk to Dr Jennifer Flatt about what’s wrong. She will introduce you to techniques that have been scientifically tested and shown to make things better.

About Gary Levin

Gary Levin

BA(Psych), Grad Dip Sci(Psych), Assoc MAPS

National Registration Number PSY0001297759

Gary is a registered psychologist. He has been counselling adults for a variety of problems for several years, following a career change from medical electronics to psychology. He thus has life experience as well as experience as a psychologist.

Gary has expertise in general psychological areas such as depression, stress and anxiety. His areas of special interest include specific phobias (eg spiders, thunder storms, lifts) and relationships.

Gary can introduce you to evidence-based techniques that work and do not take years to implement. Sometimes, fixing a problem you have been living with is much easier than you think.

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